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Cleaner Image is the area’s #1 source for top quality power washing and pressure cleaning. We use only the highest quality products and modern professional equipment. Cleaner Image performs house washing, gutter scrubbing, roof cleaning, concrete cleaning and sealing, deck cleaning, commercial services, and more! Call  423-384-8611 today!

Pressure washing equipment can be rented and even purchased. However, even ambitious DIY enthusiasts often opt to hire professional pressure washing companies rather than attempt to use the machinery on their own patios, decks, and homes. A pressure washer is a complicated tool to operate even for experienced users, and is downright dangerous in untrained hands. Safety concerns include the following:

  • Damage to property -  Pressure washing can cause damage to your property when it is done incorrectly. The jet stream is powerful and can gouge wood, dent metal, shatter windows, and destroy fragile detailing on your home.  

  • Injury to self or others -  The water pressure can cause severe injury to you or a nearby person or pet.  

  • Additional materials needed -  Pressure washing projects often require the use of ladders and their subsequent safety protocol. Operating a pressure washer while on a tall ladder or rooftop can be an especially dangerous combination, since all surfaces are wet during a pressure washing project

In addition to causing safety concerns, renting and operating a pressure washer could prove entirely ineffective if you don’t have the right cleaning solutions. Indeed, having the right cleaning solutions and knowing their proper application methods are even more important than having the machine itself! The pressure washer wand sprays a mixture of water and cleaning solution, which can be harmful to your plants and environment if you don’t have the right mixture. Likewise, you need at least a basic understanding of how to apply the solution in a way that not only avoids streaks but also prevents the water from settling into cracks or collecting under shingles.

Attempting a pressure washing task yourself can also take longer than you think. Even after you have learned to use the machine, you need to prepare the area by laying tarps and covering nearby plants. After pressure washing, you need to collect and dispose of the debri that has loosed, paying special attention to properly disposing of any lead paint. When all is said and done, your pressure washing task can become a long and complicated chore, with inherent risk and cost. Call a professional pressure washing service instead!




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